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  This page is dedicated to YOU - the people whose lives have been changed through 'The Masterpiece' and who have been gracious enough to share their stories with us. For 23 years, Bette's wonderful portrait of Christ has had a profound impact on numerous people who have gazed at His loving face. Often, the response is instantaneous - just as we were affected many years ago, so a great number of you have been uplifted and deeply moved by this image. Some of the stories here have been related face-to-face by friends and associates who have chosen to place this picture in their home, car, or workplace, while others have been emailed to us by those wanting to share their heartfelt words of praise. Thank you, and may Jesus grant you abundance, health, and eternal Joy!
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Name: Vasthy DeLeon
Location: NC
Comments: "This Is My Story: How I was Led to The Masterpiece - The True Face of Jesus

On August 28th, 2015 at about 5:30 p.m. I was between an awake and sleep stage. I saw a man standing in front of me, which I recognized as a spiritual master or perhaps a Saint. He stood in front of me, very close.
On his head he was wearing a hood, and in his left hand he had a wooden stick. With his right index finger he touched my heart and looked straight into my eyes. He then disappeared. He left me in wonders, in a stage of clarity, love, and so much happiness.
I came out asking myself whom this might be? I thought that maybe it was John the Baptist. I Googled John the Baptist, and I was looking for that wonderful face and those eyes that pierced my soul. I didn't find a face that was close to the Image I saw. Three days after that, I pleaded to God, Lord help me find out who is the Image that came before me. In my mind the name Jeshua Ben Josef came up. I Googled this name and in many different images about Jesus there it was! The face of my vision! A joy came over me, and I said Oh My God, Jesus touched me!
Three months after that I asked God with all my heart to help me find out the origin of this Image. I went back to the pictures I saw on the Internet and I kept touching images until another came up with artist's name on it. There was a note from the artist and her name is Bette Myers. In that note she explained the miracle of The Masterpiece. You cannot imagine my Joy, He answered all of my questions and led me to the Truth!

Hallelujah !!"

Name: Leslie Hope (A very happy customer!)
Comments: "I had ordered a wallet size picture for a friend, and was able to send it to her in plenty of time before Christmas. And I gave the extra gift picture you sent to my unsaved husband, which he received. Now THAT was a miracle, because he has always been so hostile to the Lord since my salvation over 30 years ago! I pray that he will keep gazing upon the Master Jesus' beautiful countenance, and finally give his life to Him! Oh, how I would love that!
I just wanted to thank you again Anne, and wish you, your family, and this ministry a most awesome, beautiful, and blessed Christmas!"

Name: Frank Schenk
Location: Kailua Kona, Hawaii
Comments: "Aloha Anne,
Thank you very much for personally getting back to me. I can only imagine how busy you are so it means a lot.
We sincerely appreciate the wallet images you included with our order. We have them by our bedside and my wife is particularly thankful for the picture you laminated with scripture and a ribbon for her.
I will be putting together another order shortly as more people have requested for prints. We've also provided your website to others so they can order their own sizing after seeing our large picture nicely framed in wood with museum glass (non-reflective) which came out really nice.
Grace and peace be yours in abundance."

Name: A.S.
Location: USA
Comments: "About a year ago, I was in an extremely abusive relationship. The man I was with was threatening to take my life, and although I was several months pregnant I was finally able to get away from him and try to start my life over. I had no place to stay and no money, and was forced to change my identity in order to protect myself. I eventually found myself living in a shelter for pregnant and abused women. Dejected and alone, carrying a child that I was afraid would turn out like its father, I had little hope for the future. But on the wall at the shelter was an amazing picture of Jesus by Bette Myers. As I looked at the face of Jesus and his beautiful eyes, I began to feel a sense of renewed hope and optimism. I wanted to find out about the picture and the artist, but nobody could tell me anything about it. After my (adorable!) child was born, a friend of mine introduced me to a wonderful, local church. The first time I attended, I was amazed to see the same, large picture of Jesus on the wall, and many different sizes for sale in the bookstore. The pastors and the members of the church were very loving, and knowing my situation, 'adopted' me into the congregation. When the pastor gave me a framed picture of the Masterpiece as a gift, I was happy beyond description! I am forever grateful to my new family - this beautiful picture has changed my life!"

Name: V.M. (Author)
Location: Arizona
Comments: "This is one of the most anointed pictures of Jesus I have ever seen! Truly awesome!"

Name: R.S.
Location: Arizona
Comments: "Several years ago, I came across a small version of this picture that I placed in my car for protection and encouragement. As the years went by, I found myself drawn more and more to the Masterpiece, and also found that the more I focused on the face of Jesus and the unconditional love so evident there, the better my life became. Doors began to open up for me, and I began to experience spiritual blessings that are almost indescribable. Several months ago, I purchased the large (15x30) print to place in a meditation room that I'd created. As time went by, even my career was completely changed in a positive way. I had been in the maintenance field for 30 years - suddenly I found within myself an overwhelming desire and ability to write. I left my job several months ago to pursue this new passion, and am currently creating works in the spiritual/fantasy/self-help genres. This beautiful and inspiring work is life altering - God Bless you for helping to make The Masterpiece available to the world!"

Name: K.R.
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Comments: "I bought the laminated Jesus picture to place in my car, and it has had a profound effect on me! I used to be very uptight and stressed while driving, and now, when I look at Jesus' face I find that I am much calmer and more relaxed. Traffic no longer seems to bother me, and I feel protected and at peace. Thank you so much!"

Name: D.L.
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Comments: "From the moment I saw the picture it spoke to my heart and soul, like no other picture of Jesus I have seen."

Name: Joanne Macko
Location: Naperville, IL
Comments: "I've been searching since 1994 for the artist of this portrait of Jesus. This image has changed my life. Here is my story:

I was living in Connecticut from 1984 to 1998. In 1994, I was driving along a freeway in Connecticut when I felt I was led by the hand of God to go into a building that I had never been in. I can't explain how strong this feeling was. It was a printing company or an office supply building. I went in and no one was around and I went over to the printing area. As I stood there alone, I remember asking my angels or asking God, "Why was I guided to come in here?" Minutes later, a man walked in who looked like an apostle, long hair, beard and came over the counter opposite where I was standing and pulled out this image of Jesus and laid it on the counter. He looked at me and stared right at me and never blinked, put the picture on the counter and walked out without saying a word. I honestly felt that Jesus had meant for me to see this and the eyes were mesmerizing to me. It's as if I remembered how Jesus looked or had a past life with him. It's exactly how I remembered him. Finally, someone came out of the storeroom and I asked her if she knew who this man was that just left and she had no idea. I asked if she could make a copy of the print for me. There was no signature on it, no copyright, nothing. She did and I hung it in my meditation/prayer room.

I moved to Illinois in 1998, bringing the picture with me and hung it in my prayer room there. One evening while in meditation, I was staring at this amazing portrait and Jesus stood in front of me and blessed my hands. He said, "Many suicidals will find you". From that point on, it was as if the floodgates had opened. I'm a spiritual counselor now and have seen over 3,000 clients and try to get them to see another perspective and to find their gifts so they can be productive in the world. Jesus told me in that visit that many women he taught would find one another again and to get the simple message of love again out to the world, to be "Wayshowers" and to "teach by example". I've painted angels since 1994 and have given up everything to so my God work now and never looked back. I now run large spiritual seminars to help uplift people and do motivational talks around the U.S. My website is:

I also paint with my bare hands and for detail only use flower stems, twigs, crushed minerals in my art. It's as if the art is channeled just as it was with Bette. I am forever grateful for having this image come to me. Bless Your Hearts for keeping this image alive in Bette's memory. I was recently guided to make His oil: Jeshua oil that was channeled to me and these are the oils he used during his time. I'm looking into making a line of soy candles using the ingredients I was given by him.

PS: In the visit that night from Jesus, he said "This is how I want to be remembered, not the suffering, gaunt Jesus with the crowns and blood on my face." This is the face of Hope, of Love. Attached is a picture of me with my newest global art piece, "Unity" where I collected threads from all over the world and incorporated them into one painting to help humanity."

Joanne Macko

Name: Rev. Nathan Richard Knowles (Evangelist/Author)
Location: OR
Comments: "When I was very young, around the age of 5, I went upstairs to my mother and father's room to ask my mom to fix me breakfast. As I went upstairs, Jesus appeared to me in the hallway. I have always wanted to tell people what I saw, what Jesus looked like, and one day, Jane Crouch, from the TBN Christian TV network, was giving away Bette's painting of Jesus as a love gift. I wrote TBN, and they sent me a copy of it....and I am so glad they did, so I can show all my friends and family what I saw, when I saw Jesus appear to me when I was a little boy. I even called Bette Myers one day and told her my story on the phone, and she told me the whole story, about how she came to paint the picture. That was a day I won't forget either. Thanks Bette, for painting the picture-the wonderful portrait of our Lord Jesus. We will see soon, someday."

Name: A.S.
Location: NH
Comments: "I have a printed copy of the Masterpiece and I show it to everyone. I tell people: "This is MY JESUS". It took me a few years to actually purchase a real one for myself. Things kept coming up. I finally decided it's now or never and I just did it for myself. I'm looking forward to having it matted and framed. The license plates on my 2 cars state: MY JESUS, and - JESUS! I'm not shy about my love for Him. Most importantly, it's about being Him to others. It's not what we say it's what we do that counts. We sometimes forget to see humanity through the eyes of Christ.

Have a great day and God Bless!"

Name: Mike Denilauler
Location: AZ
Comments: "I was looking for a Christmas gift for a friend and was in a local Christian bookstore. I saw this painting of Jesus' face. There were two, the 8X16 and the 15x30, both framed. I was mesmerized. I decided to ask at the counter, who the artist was. I found the website to see if there were other pictures, but there wasn't. So I went back the next day, and both had been sold, to everyone's disbelief. Back to the website to look for a phone number. Through that effort, I found Anne. She had one left, and because she was local we agreed to meet. I hung that picture in my bedroom.

Let me tell you, I had no idea of the impact that was going to have on my life. I had invited Jesus into my home. It was just unreal. I felt He was actually there. Like I could know Him now in an ever so more personal way. And it grows! I have such a sense of peace in front of that picture that I can not get anywhere else.

So get this. I find one more framed picture--the only one left in all of Phoenix--at the Christian store. (Now I can still send one to my friend for Christmas.) But I decided to hang that one too until shipping time. Here's where it gets really wonderful. I hung the picture in the living area where I can see it from the kitchen and dining area too. Now it's as if God lives here. I wake up in the morning and say, "Hi Jesus!". I never did that before... and He says, "Hi Mike!", and smiles. Thank you Bette, and thank you Anne. And thanks for reading."

Name: Leslie Alfaro
Location: CA
Comments: "Hi Anne!

A few days ago I had called you to check the status of my order. I just wanted to let you know that I have now received that order.

What a marvelous picture! What a Masterpiece! I never grow tired of looking at it! I have wanted this picture for some time, and I'm really delighted to have finally bought one! I used to have a smaller one many years ago, and I gave it to someone who really enjoyed it. I have been missing it ever since! You can really see the love and kindness in His eyes!

May the Lord comfort, bless, heal, protect, and provide for you and your family, friends, and loved ones always Anne! And thank you for the free gift!

Your satisfied customer,

Mrs. Leslie Alfaro

La Puente, CA"

Name: Paul Cardillo
Location: FL
Comments: "On this page above is the story of Joanne Macko who wrote so beautifully about her experience with the Jesus Painting and how it changed her life. Until now she was unaware of how much the Painting changed my life and the web of miracles that spread because she trusted her guidance fifteen years ago to send the Painting from her home in the Chicago area to a Hay House Convention in Ft Lauderdale Florida in 2000. Much gratitude and love to her for doing so!

Here is my condensed story of my experience with the Jesus Painting.

In early 2000, after having fallen in love with the Truth in the Course in Miracles, my wife Michelle and I drove to Ft Lauderdale, Fl from our home in Tampa for a Hay House Convention weekend that featured popular spiritual speakers such as Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh.

On one of the days, on a whim, we went to James Van Praagh's presentation. I didn't know much about him but felt drawn to hear him speak. When we went in I was struck by the large number of people who were already seated well before he was to begin. At the exact moment of that thought, another thought or Voice came just as quickly, seemingly from nowhere. The Voice said, "You shall speak to audiences larger than this." I just smiled. What an odd thought as I had no plans for my life other than to continue being a lawyer, raising a family of four children, paying tuition and a mortgage. The largest audiences I spoke with were jury pools and honestly, I was never comfortable with it.

At one point during the presentation, the lights were dimmed and James asked us to turn to and partner with the person behind us, relax our vision and allow a different sort of softer spiritual gaze to show us something in or around the other person. While softly gazing at the blonde man I was paired with, he slowly faded out and in his place was a bearded man with dark hair which was covered mostly by a hood. The image had a peaceful smiling face and light in his eyes. This image lasted for probably less than a minute, but while it lasted I could feel something shift within me. At the time, I had no clue who or what the image was, but I understood him to say, "Be at peace, I am with you. I will show you the way home to Love. Stay close to me." These are the words that come closest to what he spoke in my heart.

I asked the blonde man (he was from New Jersey, as I recall) if the image I described had any meaning to him personally, such as a deceased relative. He said no. I was puzzled since I had no idea of who or what I had clearly seen. I told my wife about it. She had seen a German Shepherd dog around her partner which turned out to be the person's beloved deceased pet. Well, at least she made a connection. I remained puzzled, until we walked out into the convention hall main floor where the artists and writers were selling books and crafts.

As we walked down the main aisle of the Hay House convention, out of the corner of my eye, to my left, I caught a glimpse of a painting hanging on the back wall of a booth. It startled me to the point of causing me to stop dead in my tracks, turn and stare at the painting. I WAS STUNNED! The painting was that of the dark haired, hooded, bearded man I had just seen moments before. It was the same softly smiling face. I was riveted where I stood. At that moment, the owner of the booth came excitedly directly over to me and began asking me what I knew about the painting. I said, "nothing". He didn't seem to believe me so he asked again. At that point I was reluctant to talk about it. He then told me that an Angel artist in the Chicago area, Joanne Macko, asked him to display the painting at the Hay House convention in Florida. Joanne didn't know why, but her intuition felt strong to do so. The man, Joe Crane (a published writer) and his wife were both really really excited. Not only was there an apparent reason for the painting to be sent to Florida, but also, there was and is an undeniable resemblance between the face in the painting and my face. I came to find out later that the painting was that of the face of JESUS. Joe and his wife asked if they could take a picture of me with the painting, which they did. I was just in awe. I told them the story of what I had just seen. We purchased the print, still amazed at everything that had just happened and stunned over the fact that looking at the painting was like looking into a mirror. It was like my face, smiling back at me.

After we took it home, my wife framed it and hung it in our bedroom. My children were young at the time and would often say, without prompting, "Daddy, that's you!" I also had a copy made and hung it in my law office. More times than I could count, clients would ask me if the painting was me. This went on for years. I would ask myself, why? Why did Jesus appear to me that day and why do we share an undeniable appearance?

Shortly after the Hay House convention, Joanne Macko contacted me and invited me to come to her October seminar in Naperville IL to speak about my experience with the painting. Joe Crane had showed her the photo he had taken and told her the story. I was not at all sure that I wanted to go. But while visiting with a very talented local spiritual reader, he, without me mentioning Joanne's invitation at all, asked me if there was a trip I was on the fence about taking. I said yes. He then told me there were Archangels around me who were showing him that this was part of the Divine Plan and it was important that I go. They encouraged me to get off the fence and go! They showed him (Tom Turner) what they called a web of contacts around the country and even the world, and miracles that would result, because of the Jesus painting. I was still reluctant to go, but I did. Joanne was very accommodating and went out of her way to make me feel comfortable when she invited me on stage to speak. It went well but nothing extraordinary happened--until I was on my way out.

I had to leave early that day to catch my flight back to Tampa. As I was leaving the hotel, walking to my rental car on a cold fall afternoon, a lady came running after me in the parking lot, asking if I knew who I was. Of course I knew--my name is Paul. Yes, that's true, but do you really know who you are? She said I had known Jesus very well and was beginning the purpose of my journey here on earth. Her name was Dianne Galligan and asked if we could stay in touch, which we did. This led to many instances of opening to the Presence of Spirit and Jesus, which in turn led to connections and trips to places that I never expected for my life.

Since my experience at the Hay House convention and Naperville 15 years ago, so much has happened. Way too much to be able to tell here. All I can say is that in fact a web of contacts has been created because of the Jesus Painting.

I read the Course in Miracles everyday. It's so full of radiant Life and Truth. I understand that Jesus led me to the Course and to the Painting. Every day I spend a few minutes looking at the True Face of Jesus and feeling the comfort and assurance that shines in his smile.

Recently, after a series of seemingly catastrophic events (one of which was the bizarre flooding of my law office) Jesus nudged me to begin sitting in with a Course in Miracles group at Wings Bookstore in St Petersburg, FL. The owner and facilitator of the class, Sharon Jebens, is a remarkable person who follows the guidance of Jesus every day. When I met her I knew I had been led to the right place. The Jesus Painting now hangs at Wings Bookstore, accelerating miracles that take place there almost daily.

I have a feeling that there is now a new chapter in this journey. Until about three months ago I didn't know who the artist was who painted the Jesus Painting. Like Joanne's story, the copy I had did not have a readable signature. But after meeting Sharon at Wings/Course in Miracles and confiding in her my story about the Painting, she somehow found the TrueFaceofJesus website! Divine Timing and Order, always present, but often difficult to sense, illumines the path of those who choose now to follow God's Plan of Light back through the Gate of Heaven. There is a Plan. In Truth it has already been accomplished. But we all have a part to play, here on earth, while suffering and misery still seems to hold us in bondage. We have a part to play in God's Plan. And so we must step back in Faith, and Let Love, the Christ in each of us, lead the Way back to Paradise where there is no suffering, where misery and fear are unheard of and only the eternal joy of the Light of God IS."

Paul Cardillo

Name: Joe Alvarez
Comments: "I wanted to tell you my story of the Bette Myers painting.

Since 2012 up until now I've received messages from heaven. I'm a devout Catholic; I was 13 in 2012 and now I'm 17. When I saw Jesús I was stunned, his gaze and beauty. When I saw the painting I said THAT'S THE JESUS I SEE AND HEAR. Thank you all in the Holy Spirit!!! Amen!!!"

Name: Your Name
Location: Wherever You Are Now
Comments: "We would love to know how this wonderful picture of Jesus has changed your life! Please send your stories to Thank you!"

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