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  I was born and raised in Eastern Europe at a time when the Christian faith was suppressed to the point of near extinction. God was some abstract concept of which I gave little thought, and church was simply an ornate building full of incense and old, bearded men speaking a language indecipherable to me. At the age of twenty, however, I was given the rare opportunity to emigrate, and I ultimately found myself in New York City. Although the religious persecution of my youth no longer existed, my need to assimilate, earn a living, and raise a family still didn't leave much room in my life for God. But even though I didn't have time for Him, He certainly had plans for me!    (cont. below...)


  Years passed as I lived my life to the best of my ability, the embers of Spirit glowing softly below the surface of my consciousness. It took a severe medical condition, during what was perhaps the lowest point of my life, to finally fan the flames of my desire to know the One True Source. As He lovingly embraced me, my life changed radically for the better. No longer distant, God became my dearest friend, teaching me the true meaning of love and service.

  In 1999, I felt that I wanted to find a small picture of Jesus to carry with me in the car, and so I asked my friend Ron (whom I married two years later) to try to find me something suitable on the internet. After looking at a few, he found an image of Jesus' face, with a colorful background and the words, "Jesus is Mine" at the bottom. It was, in fact, the Bette Myers Masterpiece, but had been modified. Still, the loving eyes and beguiling smile drew me in as no picture ever had. I printed several, and placed them in my car, my home, and on my desk at work.

  At around the same time, I noticed an ad in the newspaper for a church that I felt like attending at some point. I would clip the ad every few weeks and lay it aside, but I never made it as it was across town. On one memorable Sunday in late 2005, however, I literally felt pushed out the door to go to that church, which was named Logos - 'The Word'. With the long drive I knew that I would be late, but I felt that I absolutely needed to be there. I rushed in and was given a program as I hurriedly found a seat. I casually turned the flyer over, and nearly fell out of my chair. On the cover was the picture of my Jesus, but much clearer and more vivid than what I'd been carrying. I could not believe my eyes! Until then, I had never seen this picture displayed anywhere.

  After the service, I asked the pastor if they always printed this picture on their programs, and I was told that this had been the very first time. He went on to explain that the artist was Bette Myers, and then he pointed out a large, framed picture on the wall. I was so taken with the image that I immediately wanted to know more about the artist.

  Through a number of synchronistic events, I was able to get in touch with the family of Bette Myers who, remarkably, live perhaps sixty miles from my home. The origin of the Masterpiece, as it has come to be known, is absolutely amazing! (Read more about it on the 'Bette's Story' page.) I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, that I have never seen an image of Jesus that has had a more profound effect on me! Since the time that I obtained my copies, my life has never been the same. I feel the invisible presence of Jesus always with me.

  The changes in my life have been dramatic. For many years I was employed as a Sr. loan officer for various major banks. My primary goals were financial. I was excelling in my field and wanted to be the top employee of my company, but Spirit had other ideas for me. I was guided to resign from my position and to start writing. At present I have a column in a local publication called "From the Heart". I just finished my first children's book, am working on another, and looking for an illustrator and a publisher.

  For a while I thought that writing was all that I was supposed to be doing but, once again, God had other ideas. I know now that I have to get this astounding picture out there, so that others might be impacted as I have been impacted. This website was created for that purpose. All of 'The Masterpiece' prints are near and dear to my heart, and all are prayed over. We send blessings to all those who are drawn to own such an amazing work.

  If you do decide to get the picture, I would be thrilled if you would send me your story, as to how it has impacted your life. With your permission, we will post your story on our website, if possible.

Blessings From the Heart,

Anne Cornelius
October, 2007

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