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The Story Behind

In 1974, Arizona artist Bette Myers (then living in a small, Idaho town) suffered a cardiac arrest. While doctors frantically tried to resuscitate her, Bette found herself face-to-face with Jesus. He lovingly told her twice that she must return, and twice she refused--wishing only to remain with the Lord. Jesus then told her that she must return "to paint her Masterpiece". At that point she regained consciousness, having been clinically dead for some minutes.

Ten years later, while demonstrating her painting technique to a prominent local businesswoman, Bette was touched by Spirit and in the span of 2 hours (and with absolutely no corrections), produced the amazing Masterpiece you see before you.

This website was created to showcase this beautiful and uplifting portrait of the Son of God, and to give homage to Bette Myers, the gifted artist who created it. The site is also intended as a gathering place to read and share the stories of those whose lives have been profoundly changed as a result of the Masterpiece. And should you feel a desire to own your own copy, it can be purchased here, along with other items that we believe to be of spiritual value.

Thank you for visiting - may you be uplifted, encouraged, and blessed by the experience.

Anne and Friends
October, 2007

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