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Bette Myers self-portrait Bette Myers, Artist/Entertainer

  Bette Myers was a gifted artist, singer and entertainer. Through her beautiful artwork, she continues to bring joy and inspiration to thousands. Among her satisfied clientele are former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater, Idaho Governor and U.S. Senator & Mrs. Leonard and Grace Jordan, band leader Jack Morgan (of the Russ Morgan Orchestra), and many others. Her paintings have been showcased on various major Christian television networks, and numerous private collections continue to acquire her works after her passing approximately 13 years ago. The origin of 'The Masterpiece' is astounding in itself - Bette's personal testimonial is reproduced below.


View Bette's Original Handwritten Testimonial -- (PDF viewer required)

Bette Myers Testimonial


Bette Myers Painting - Jesus, The Masterpiece It was in 1974, I had a cardiac arrest. The doctor said I died. I can honestly say, "death is beautiful." I went through an intensely bright heavenly light. My eyes were opened wide and the warmth went through me. I had no pain or worry. I loved it! All of a sudden a figure came before me. I did not guess, I knew it was "Jesus"! He spoke to me lovingly in His magnificent voice. "You must go back." Three times, I refused, so He said, "Go back and paint your masterpiece." Immediately my eyes were opened to the pain of the living. My doctor was pounding on my chest. The room was filled with medical people. They were excited and told me I did not want to live. I said, "Oh yes I do, I came back to do my masterpiece!"

This was in the little Idaho town of Bonners Ferry. I knew everyone there.

Ten years later, after completing many paintings, "The Masterpiece" formed from my hand in front of a very prominent Phoenix, Arizona bank President. She wanted to watch me paint a portrait in pastel. She came to my home with only 2 1/2 hours to spare. I got out a piece of velvet paper 6" x 12" and started a partial portrait. I went into a trance and Jesus' face formed in 2 1/4 hours. A miracle! I could not have completed a masterpiece so fast, with no errors. The lady said, "It's a miracle!" Flawless!

Charles "Chuck" Reed, my son, and my favorite critique came upon this painting I had hung on the wall. He stopped still. He walked away, then up to it, and he could not criticize it. He said with tears in his eyes, "Mom, this is a masterpiece." That moment I knew I had fulfilled my commission from Jesus. I felt very weak and wondered if I would now be taken home. I realize now, Jesus wanted me to show His glorious image to all. I am grateful to Jan Crouch and Vern Jackson for making this possible.

"Praise the Lord."

Love in Jesus
Bette Myers

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